Why is my Television picture breaking up?

Getting the time to sit down to watch TV after a long day at work is pretty much a basic human right. I mean, most of our lives tend to revolve around work so much that when we do have some free time we want to be able to do what we want. Watching a TV program that we’ve recorded or that we have especially aportioned time to watch is particularly enjoyable. But what happens when your recording is plagued with picture freeze or worse, you get the dreaded ‘no signal’ text bouncing around your screen. Well, this indicates that you have an issue with your TV aerial, or cable.

TV Aerials Fault

One of the many reasons why a TV aerial will give poor signal is due to water ingress. This is where water has somehow entered into the aerial head itself and is now causing a short within the circuit of the equipment. As well as this what can also happen is for the water to start to travel down the coax cable from within. This will cause a short, but also is going to oxidies the copper braid and eventually corrode it from within. Another problem that can happen due to water coming through the cable is for water to actually get into the TV via the coax cable that is plugged into it. This will cause a catastrophic failure of the TV to the point of damaging the telly beyond repair. That is why if a loss of picture occurs on a regular basis it is worth checking the cable to see if there is any evidence of water. If there is, do not plug it back in. Instead make an appointment with one of the TV aerial installers from your area to come out and asses the problem.