New Orleans TV

Popular TV channels/programs in New Orleans

When it comes to New Orleans, it may be hard to determine what its inhabitants enjoy watching on TV. Their pattern is hard to define because, as it was noticed, people in this city like a bit of everything. Specialists kept their eyes on potential trends that may be forming or repeating in New Orleans and concluded that the time of the day influences the kind of news people prefer seeing on TV. So, it’s not like they prefer a certain channel only, but decide based on the time of the day when they turn on the TV.

Let us take the example of news. What’s the patterns defining the most popular TV channels that provide this kind of information. WWL-Ch. 4, which an affiliate channel of CBS, records the highest levels of the audience between 5 and 7 A.M. During this period, the morning show of the channel records massive rating depression, as “CBS This Morning” show takes over, moving viewers to WUPL-Ch. 54. But this doesn’t last for long, because the Fox channel takes over from 7 to 9 A.M., the WVUE-Ch. 8 gaining the lead for the last two hours of the morning. So, the habits and preferences of people waking up to the news in the morning significantly shift ratings between TV channels in New Orleans.

If we are to take a look at midday, WWL appears on top of preferences. This channel has most of New Orleans’ residence hooked during the middle of the day, especially when its half of hour of news is on. For 30 minutes, WWL records the highest rating every other channel manages to record throughout the day. Thus, it is possible to say that this is seen as the most important news show in town. The second most appreciated news how is provided by WVUE, although the ratings of this channel are half as great as those enjoyed by WWL.

Then there the afternoon and early evening time frame, fiercely disputed by all the channels available in New Orleans. This is when people return from work and look for a moment to relax, taking a sit on the couch and turning on the TV. Which channels unroll the toughest battle for this time of the day? The WWL and WDSU both want the supremacy for this particular local time period. The ratings show just how close these two channels run. Usually, WDSU is the leader at 4 and 6 P.M. But WWL found a way to gain the audience at 5 P.M. in most cases and bite a bit of WDSU’s audience at 6 P.M. If the tide turns in the favor of WWL, no one will be surprised as this run is sometimes done shoulder-to-shoulder by these two channels.

The end of the day is ruled by the WVUE channel, which wins over the audience at 9 and 10 P.M., reaching the highest ratings at 10 P.M. when it is, without a doubt, number one. So, New Orleans residents like to have a bit of everything and get the most of what each TV channel has to offer, shifting their preferences throughout the day.