How to Get French TV in the UK

French Satellite TV

You will find over 55 satellites in synchronous orbit over Europe broadcasting pretty much every language and of all the country imaginable. French is well catered for with three satellites covering all European territory, French citizens residing in or from France will get, with domestic size satellite dishes of under 1 metre diameter, these signals using the the least equipment.

Within France the majority of the country is taught in usual terrestrial transmitters as well as an aerial is that’s needed to get all of the primary French channels, for example TF1, France 2 etc. Individuals residing in remote corners or sometimes in developed areas, with poor aerial reception, need to use the satellite systems to get them. Outdoors France obviously just the satellites are functional.

Hotbird, Astra 1 and Atlantic Bird3 would be the three satellites used for the French services. They are different providers, but mainly distribute exactly the same number of channels. TNTsat and FranSat have identical lists of channels including TF1, France 2, France3, France4, France5, France o, Arte, direct 8, Monte Carlo and much more.

Another service through the provider BIS can be obtained on Atlantic Bird and Hotbird satellites. Right now the signals from Hotbird are transmitted in MPeg4 format, that is used for HD, whereas the Atlantic Bird transmission may be the older Mpeg2, so by having an HD receiver the images from Hotbird are extremely good indeed. Oddly the TF1 funnel, that is in HD on TNTsat and FranSat is presently only in Mpeg2 ( standard definition) on Hotbird. The primary 4 channels TF1, France2, M6 and Arte are repeated on HD channels on TNT and Fransat.When finding the French channels within the United kingdom, which system if you undertake? The TNT and FranSat offer of 18 channels ( along with a couple of more freebies ) is extremely attractive. Most likely minimal hassle is FranSat that do not place a time period limit on their own card, unlike TNTsat that will expire after four years, nevertheless the renewal fee following the college period is just 15 Euros, so there’s just the small issue of really renewing it. This is accomplished for many French citizens on-line, around the TNT website, but you need to be in French territory to become qualified to make use of the web site, so prior to the renewal dates are due, lets hope there’s a process to permit United kingdom TNT watchers an approach to renewal in position.

The digital tuners are actually common in Darty along with other electronics stores across France and many supermarkets too around 120Euros for that SD standard definition box. Do not get wrongly identified as the terrestrial boxes though if purchasing in France, make sure that you are purchasing a satellite tuner. There are several boxes with very couple of additional features past the fundamental setup and a few that you can use on several satellite and could be better organised into multiple ‘favourite’ groups, helpful if you’re watching different languages. Most receivers currently available are fine, but you may still find some early boxes around with poor remotes and reliability problems.

BIS despite its yearly subscription charges, offers a minimum of 3 different cards. The bottom card may be the Panorama, costing around 100 Euro and entitling the consumer to any or all the typical French channels found around the TNT platform. Next may be the Cinerama, around 160 Euros, also offers the show channels in the AB sitting platform – Cine Forex, Cine First, Cine Polar and Action. Mixed in are channels like Orange Sport tv, Animeaux, Game One, L’histoire and RTL 9. Finally the very best package adds porn towards the mix. BIS is provided like a pre compensated card therefore the years payment is ‘up front’ and there’s no telephone call needed to activate the credit card, simply insert to your Viaccess decoder card slot and switch to Hotbird or Atlantic Bird.Lastly there’s always the disposable channels option. With a decent satellite receiver and dish with multiple LNBs or perhaps a motorised satellite dish installation, you’ll be able to obtain a good choice of the primary and a few of the smaller sized channels with no special box or perhaps a subscription, as lengthy when you are not wanting TF1 or M6 funnel, this type of system will still receive some 30 possible French channels including France2 and three, ARTE ( also French language using their company countries across North Africa.)

How to Get French Satellite TV

Would you like to enjoy French TV channels on your TV? Well, it is worth knowing that these channels are not available all over the world. While they may be an option for people living in Europe, it may be harder to get them if you live across the ocean. Also, it is worth mentioning that people in the UK may also have a hard time getting these channels, in spite of the fact that they are part of the old continent. So, it is possible to enjoy French TV channels? If you have a sky dish or plan to get one, these channels may become available for your personal enjoyment.

  • Will any sky dish work?

You’ll be surprised to find out that not all sky dishes work if you want to get French TV channels. Sky dishes that are too small may be incapable of getting the signal from the satellite right. Thus, a sky dish that features a diameter of only 60 centimeters may turn out to be too small. The minimum diameter of a sky dish should be 80 centimeters. At this size, the sky dish will be sufficiently large to get those French channels you want. So, if you don’t have a sky dish just yet, avoid buying dishes that are smaller than 80 centimeters. If you already have a sky dish and it has only 60 centimeters, it won’t work in this case.

However, a 60 centimeters sky dish may work but only if you live on the East Coast of Ireland. In that part of the world, satellite signals are provided by an old satellite called Astra 1. So, if you belong to this particular case, you won’t have to change your 60 centimeters sky dish.

  • How many channels can I get with French Satellite TV?

When it comes to the number of channels you’ll be able to enjoy with French Satellite TV, there can be a number of challenges. First of all, there are very many French channels that are encrypted. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy them only if you get a special viewing card. Such a card can be obtained if you subscribe to a service provider that can offer this type of viewing cards.

Another aspect that could create issues with French channels is that their signals are spread over several satellites. So, it’s not like you get the signal of one single satellite and you’ll unlock all the French channels available on the market. On the contrary, there are three different satellites that provide signals for French channels. Astra 1, which was mentioned previously, provides a good number of French channels that are popular across the world. There is also satellite Astra 2 and Hotbird, which grant access to several other French channels.

Also, believe it or not, some French channels remain to be broadcast in an analogue system. Thus, they may not be reached by all satellite receiver kits. Under these circumstances, it is worth checking your options and decide which French TV channels you want to see, opting for the solution that will get you there in the easiest way possible.